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Hey I'm Aaron, a 29 year old university graduate who needed a break from studying and to see more of the world before deciding what I'm really going to do with my life. I'm hoping to see as much of the world as possible and through writing my experiences down on my website maybe encourage or inspire other people to do the same. Travel is broadening my mind and opening more possibilities than I have ever known before and I hope to be able to convey this in my writing for the readers to enjoy. Stay tuned and who knows where I'll end up

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Black cabs and London go hand in hand, and you can see them everywhere you go, which makes them an iconic feature to the city. They are not only a quick and affordable way to get about, but are also brilliant for tours. Seeing everything in London can be a challenge, which is why a guided tour is advised.

The streets of London can be fun to explore on foot, however, it is far too easy to get lost, which is why more people are choosing to book private tours. You will have the black cab and driver to yourself, ensuring that you visit exactly what you want to see. With so much on offer in the city it can be daunting.

Landmarks are everywhere in the city, and although you will know of the most popular your driver may know of others. Using his experience and knowledge he can guide you to the best places in the city. The extensive licence procedure that the black cab drivers need to drive a taxi is extreme, but ensures that they are the best.

Every black cab driver must display a current PCO licence which ensures that the cab is licensed, and driven by a qualified driver. These drivers are the best at what they do, and love their jobs, which is apparent. They will tell you stories of famous people, and the best places to visit in the city, which can be the ideal way to explore.

You may not realise that you can use the black cabs for private tours, however, this has become a more popular way to explore the city. Whether you love to shop, and want to experience Oxford Street, or want to be the ultimate tourist and see the sights, the black cabs are perfect. Alongside your own personal tour guide, you will have an amazing time.

Hailing the cabs at the side of the road can be perfect for short journeys, and if you are unsure where to go, this can be the ideal way to travel. However, if you want a guided tour, you may need to book the cab beforehand. The drivers will dedicate their time and experience to you and your tour, ensuring that you see what you want to in London.

Even if you have never thought of touring the city in this way, it can be the perfect way to see everything, especially if you are limited on time. You can decide what is essential to see, and ensure that you visit those places. You can also take guidance on what other things are good to see in the city, and make sure that your visit is enjoyable.

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Travel, be it for business or for pleasure, is inherently exciting. So many memorable moments can happen in a blink of an eye. This is why a small compact camera is an absolutely essential travel accessory. Regardless of whether or not you bring along a more sophisticated and larger camera system on your trip, the advantages of the compact camera are unmatched. As a matter of fact, in my view, it would be less bothersome to forget your larger camera behind, as opposed to the compact one such as Sony’s NEX-3N or if you take a lot of low light photos the Sony NEX-5T. Both these camera’s are amazing and the interchangeable lenses bridge the gap between a good compact and a DLSR.

The main reason for this is that the photographs that most of us cherish most are those that capture the essence of the life that we lead. Think of your favorite pictures. Most likely they involve you, your friends, family, or the places that you have visited. They are spontaneous and cheerful. Only a compact system camera provides you with the ability to have it readily accessible the instant a new memorable moment is in the making. Life is not staged, and relying on camera equipment that requires advanced preparation will cause you to lose the very spontaneity that you long to capture.
Prior to undertaking any voyage, near or far, I make certain to have my camera on my person at all times. For this reason I prefer a Compact system camera that is lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket or wearable case. It would also be advisable for your compact camera to have low-light functionality. As I stated before, life is never staged, so you should be ready to capture a photograph in all lighting conditions.

Inevitably, you will find that the majority of your favorite photographs would have come from your compact camera. This is why, aside from my passport, my compact is my trusted travel companion. Undoubtedly, once you start carrying a camera of your own on your trips, you will find that the same will hold true for you.

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Gone are the days when plastic surgery seemed to be reserved for the super-rich or celebrities only. Nowadays, plastic surgery is as mainstream as getting your hair cut and coloured. It’s still pretty expensive to get plastic surgery done in the UK however, so unsurprisingly, many people are tempted to go overseas for these procedures, as private companies may offer cheaper options. Before you decide to go overseas, it’s worth taking a minute to weigh out the pros and cons, to make sure you’re making an informed decision.

Going overseas – what are the benefits?

Brazil, India, Hungary and Singapore might sound like pretty exotic holiday destinations to visit on their own – but they now have an added attraction that’s luring hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, from all over the world. All of these are some of the world’s top spots for medical tourism, as local laws and legislation encourages a more relaxed approach to plastic surgery. Local surgeons can easily set up businesses to provide private plastic surgery treatments, as competitive prices.

As a result, you can often pick and choose the right treatment centre for you. With an international range of options available to you, you can choose to go somewhere relatively nearby, such as Hungary, or a long-haul destination like Brazil. European centres are often easily accessible and don’t require a long stay – you can have your surgery carried out and be home within a matter of days. While far-flung resorts give you the opportunity to rest and recuperate from your surgery in some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful surroundings.

Another advantage of overseas plastic surgery is that you can be assured of total discretion and privacy – no risk of bumping into nosey neighbours when you pop out to do your shopping! It’s ideal for those who prefer not to go into extensive detail about their personal lives, or if you’re planning to show off your new look as a surprise to loved ones.

What are the risks?

Like any other kind of surgery, plastic surgery comes with health risks, and it’s important to consider these before you go ahead. When you’re going overseas however, there’s an extra level of complication – many overseas centres may have linguistic limitations, making it harder to find out accurate information about your planned surgery, or the potential hazards. To avoid issues arising later on, it’s important to do your research locally beforehand, and learn as much as possible about what to expect and look out for.

Overseas surgery centres vary in quality significantly, and the rate of medical negligence can be quite high, especially among ‘budget’ options, which compromise patient safety over cost-cutting measures. Do your research before choosing a centre, and try and talk to past patients, to get first hand insight into their experience.

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The beautiful county of Devon has been a favourite summer holiday destination for centuries and anyone who has visited this picturesque corner of the South West will know why. Devon holidays can be as action packed or as relaxing as you choose, and you are never very far from something to see or do. Children will love the attractions in Devon, there are lots of adventure and theme parks as well as zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Grown-ups will love the steam railways and boat trips not to mention stopping for a traditional Devon cream tea along the way! The variety of places to stay is pretty great too; with harbour towns and seaside resorts dotted along a stunning coastline and picture postcard villages set amongst rolling countryside and dramatic moorland. If that’s not enough to keep you occupied, there are numerous events held throughout the summer months such as festivals, regattas and country fairs where you can experience real Devon life first hand.

Being the only county in the UK with two separate coastlines, it goes without saying that

there are lots of beaches in both North and South Devon. The rolling Atlantic waves make for great surf conditions and the north coast is especially popular with water sports enthusiasts. If you fancy trying your hand at surfing whilst on holiday then there are surf schools who will get you kitted out and riding the waves in no time! If you prefer to stay on dry land then there are plenty of secluded coves where you can walk on the sand and enjoy the sea air undisturbed.

The national park of Dartmoor sprawls across 300 miles in the southern half of Devon and in summer it is truly breathtaking with brightly coloured heather and gorse contrasted against the imposing granite tors. Dartmoor’s activity centres offer introductory rock climbing, caving and mountain biking experiences throughout the summer holidays, or for a more leisurely day out a picnic or pub lunch is the perfect end to a gentle walk.

South Devon is full of pretty fishing towns where you can sample the best in freshly caught fish and seafood, and with a summertime climate to rival the Mediterranean you can really make the most of long sunny days and dining al fresco as the sun sets over a beautiful backdrop. East Devon’s coastline makes up part of the Jurassic Coast – England’s first World Heritage Site where the rocks record 185 million years of the Earth’s history. If you having a go at fossil hunting there are guided tours to show you what to look for.

No matter what sort of summer holiday you prefer there is something for you in Devon. With miles of walking trails, historic sites, events and family attractions to explore, all set amongst the most idyllic coast and countryside it is small wonder that so many people come here year after year. With crystal blue waters and golden sands to rival any continental holiday spot you may start to wonder why you ever bothered to go abroad!

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France is famous for its immense land mass because it’s third after Russia and Ukraine by area in Europe.  It also enjoys a vibrant real estate market with parts of it, such as Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat named one of the most expensive places globally, in real estate terms by a recent survey by Knight Frank in collaboration with the Citi Private Bank. With a vibrant real estate market, France attracts some of the world’s largest real estate buyers, including homebuyers. If you want to buy a luxury home in France, here are some tips for you.

Plan for the purchase

Planning should form the most important part of your job if you want to buy a luxury home in France. Unlike other purchases, when you are buying property such as a home, you need to have all the facts at your fingertips. Planning also eliminates rushing with last minute decisions on property deals. If you have to get a diary specifically dedicated to your French home search, then just do it. It will save you a lot of time and ensure you find the right property.

Recruit a good agent

There are many real estate agencies operating in France. Rather than spend all your time scouting around, scavenging for property, a good agent can help you secure a comfortable luxury property in the heart of France. There are numerous agents all over the internet. However, connecting with one who has pulled successful home settlements and transactions is a better bet. If you can find a specialist French based real estate agent with a penchant for luxury property, this can be better.

Look for deals

Even if you’re looking for a luxury home in France, getting a deal on the property is always a good thing. This is because it helps you buy a good property for less than the quoted amount. One way you can find a good deal on property is getting different quotes for different property. With this, you can compare prices for different properties before making the best option. Alternatively, you can keep your eyes on the French property market and buy when the market is depressed, as it is now, according to most real estate media reports.

Observe the legal basics

Property is a product you can buy. Different countries, France included have different property laws that apply differently. To ensure that the luxury holiday home you want to buy is clean, you need to do your research and hire a good French property attorney. This will protect you from all problems that may come up later.


Insurance for your luxury home in France is critical. It can help shield you from liabilities that may come because of having the property. Consider getting effective property insurance for your luxury home to ensure that it’s protected from accidents and other in-eventualities. You also need to make a decision as to where your insurance company should come from.

Overall, buying a luxury holiday home in France is easy if you follow the best practices during acquisition. These tips can help you cater for effective pricing, how to deal with insurance and ensure that your home is protected by French laws.


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Many people move from the UK to other countries in Europe every day. Some of them know what to do while others are completely strangers to the new grounds. It is not wise to go into a new destination without preparing well for your stay. Ensure that you are completely prepared for your stay in the new country from the very start. This will make you comfortable and also adapt easily to the new country. A number of factors stated below will better ensure that you go into your new country ready for a long stay. Consider them as you prepare for the moving.
One thing you need to know is that the laws of your new country of residence vary with those of the UK. As a matter of fact, this is the first thing that needs to be on your mind as you prepare for your journey to the new destination. Not that there are no strict rules for staying in any EU country if you are an EU citizen. However, if this is not the case, there is a need for an immigration ID card and a work permit for the given period of time that you are expected to be in your new country of residence.
Immigration laws are different for various countries. It may require a lot of documentations to prove your identity and the reason for your visit to the new country. Birth certificates, education certificates, pay slips, and identification cards are some of the things required. Ensure that you have them with you for a smooth entry into a new nation. It gets so difficult to go into a country without the basic documents of identification and thus your need to be well-equipped.
European Removal Specialists are also helpful in giving you the directions and all you need for the travel. They also provide you the means of transportation for your property. Book the most reliable option available for you in the country to help you move without so much hassle. A general rule they give you for driving in either, Spain, France or Switzerland is that you are required to always keep right. You ought to adjust to this new rule as it will help you stay safe from traffic crimes that could complicate your stay in the new destination. Ask for more basic laws to help you prepare for the exodus.
Make sure you are aware of all the things that are illegal to take into the new country. Such things should then be left behind or get permission into the country if there are such provisions. You are then able to stay safe and thus away from any criminal offenses. No one wants to end up in the bar as a first time experience in their new country of destination, is there?
Therefore, prepare well, contact the moving companies and see the requirements for your emigration. Prepare in good time to avoid any last-minute rush that may lead to a lot of confusion in the end. By following this, you are able to both move smoothly out of UK and also secure your mission in the new country.

If you’re moving abroad, and need a removal company, take a look at Five Oceans Moving

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It may only be an hour long flight from Newcastle, but the city of Cardiff offers a taste of Welsh culture that is a world away from the north-east. Visitors to the Welsh capital will be spoilt for choice with an array of attractions, culture and entertainment, castles and historic houses.

Cardiff Castle is a great place to start your trip and a must-see for the whole family. The castle lies at the heart of the city centre and tells the story of Cardiff’s 2000 year history. From the Roman conquest to the lavish decor of the Victorian period, all have shaped Cardiff into the city it is today. A 50-minute guided tour takes you through the interiors of the castle, allowing visitors to soak up Cardiff’s rich and varied history.

Sporting enthusiast or not, a trip to Cardiff is incomplete without a visit to the world renowned and awe-inspiring, Millennium Stadium. The 72,500 seat venue played host to the Olympic football competition during the London 2012 Games and is regularly used for international football and rugby matches, as well as cricket and athletics. The complex also boasts an International Sports Village, swimming pool, ice rink and a white water centre. Whether you want to get involved or merely spectate, the Millennium Stadium caters to all sporting tastes. If you’re looking to visit around February time, you should definitely go watch the Welsh Rugby Union team take on one of the other home nations during the RBS 6 Nations (can see all fixtures and stats here) and experience one of the best sporting atmospheres in Europe.

Cardiff Bay has become home to the Doctor Who Experience, a treat for young and old alike, offering visitors a rare peek inside the world of the Doctor. Incredible special effects, exclusive filming with Matt Smith and even a replica tardis, this is an unmissable experience. If your science taste buds still haven’t been satisfied however, Techniquest will do the trick. One of the most impressive science and technology museums in Britain, it has more than 160 interactive exhibits. There’s also a planetarium with night-sky demonstrations and science shows that will appeal to all ages.

The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down however. Cardiff boasts a world class entertainment scene which features theatre, opera, ballet, comedy and live music. The iconic Wales Millennium Centre sees performances from the Welsh National Opera and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. The Centre also plays host to big name comedy acts as well up-and-coming Welsh comics. The city is renowned for its live music scene. Whether it’s a jazz gig in one of the city’s many intimate bars, or sell-out shows and performances from international stars, Cardiff has it all. Most airlines provide fairly regular domestic flights to Cardiff – check out detailed flight schedules on the Eastern Airways and Cardiff Airport websites for more information.

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A holiday for your children is in the offing and you start planning for a great outing, spending some days away from your monotonous surroundings and usual mundane chores. The ambience of the getaway along with your loved ones offers you the chance to rejuvenate and come back afresh. But it is what to do with your pet animal that stops you from planning a perfect tour. These days there a number of pet- friendly hotels to nestle your pets along with you. So put aside your worries and pack your bags for your pets too!
You can enjoy the whole holiday now with your canine friend or any species you own as a pet. Leaving your pet behind in kennels were the only options left until some of the best hotels UK has to offer catered to the need of the pets. They not only provide the space for dogs but are well equipped to have other pets as guests as well.
There are an array of hotels in UK which welcome the pets with their special comfort and care needed. There are award winning hotels who have specially designed suites for the guests along with their animal guests. Some of the hotels have separate space or sections for them too! You can now choose to stay in a hotel that caters for all types of pet, so you can enjoy your holiday without having to worry about leaving them behind!
The plush hotels in UK have gone through researches and surveys to come up with the best possible offerings to support your stay with your loved pets. The hotels essentially have to have a very diverse inventory to keep the stock for the tailed guests. The pets of various kinds have different types of food that has to be stored and preserved. The pet friendly hotels of UK have veterinary doctors there on an emergency basis to treat the animals if needed. So do not leave the pets behind or your cancel your planned trip, bring your pet with you!

You have several options to choose from in your search for the perfect destination to spend the vacation or a short trip without compromising with your loving pet’s presence.
You could have look at the names of five hotels in UK for pets,

Trigony House


The Milestone Hotel, London

The Milestone Hotel, London

Summer Lodge Evershot, Dorset


Blagdon Manor Ashwater, Devon
The above mentioned hotels are luxury ones where you can give your pets special care and attention and pamper them to the hilt.

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Visitors to the UK have so much to do when they arrive. They have their pick of numerous fantastic attractions to go and see from every angle, but what are the best places to visit when you’re on holiday in this part of the world?

Some of the country’s most impressive attractions are in London, and where better to start than the London Eye? This giant Ferris wheel offers panoramic views of the city from all directions, allowing people to see all of the capital’s many landmarks from afar. Other famous London attractions worth a look include the British Museum, the Tower of London, the Tate Galleries and Madame Tussaud’s. London also has a range of accommodation where you can stay no matter what time of year you choose to visit.

Away from the capital, the hugely impressive York Minster sits at the heart of the historic former Roman city of York. This massive cathedral looks great from all angles, and stepping inside it, you can gaze with wonder at the windows and ornate architecture. As far as places to stay are concerned, you could visit Yorkshire with and find a cosy holiday cottage.

Similarly impressive is Edinburgh Castle. Much like York Minster, it dominates the skyline of the Scottish capital, and is one of a number of great places to visit in the city. Also, it’s within easy reach of many great places to stay in the form of cottages, hotels and B&B’s and there are plenty of good places to eat local and world cuisine too on the famous Royal Mile.

For any fans of films such as those in the Harry Potter series, the Warner Bros Studio Tour in Watford, Hertfordshire is a must. You can see all sorts of props, costumes and sets from many of the films made there, while if you’re worried about accommodation, it’s only a short distance away from London, while Watford itself has its fair share of hotels.