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Hey I'm Aaron, a 29 year old university graduate who needed a break from studying and to see more of the world before deciding what I'm really going to do with my life. I'm hoping to see as much of the world as possible and through writing my experiences down on my website maybe encourage or inspire other people to do the same. Travel is broadening my mind and opening more possibilities than I have ever known before and I hope to be able to convey this in my writing for the readers to enjoy. Stay tuned and who knows where I'll end up

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Booking a hotel on the internet is becoming more and more of a hassle as hotels are more concerned with keeping their reviews high rather than focusing on providing better service; often the hotels will take it as far as writing their own reviews. Luckily, there are a few techniques that you can apply to help you dredge the useful information out of the sea of Internet junk. To start, if you were coming to visit Berlin you’d simply Google Berlin hotels and pick a site. Next you would want to narrow down your search by picking an area that you actually want to see because being stuck 10 miles from where you actually wanted to go can be rough. Say you’re planning on staying at a hotel near Alexanderplatz, pick out one that fits well with your location and completely ignore the actual ratings. Instead of bothering to read the description you’ll start by scrolling down to the customer reviews where the action is at.

Ignore the Good reviews

Good reviews are full of vague and incredibly useless words like “awesome”, “great”, or “comfortable”. They won’t tell you if the staff knew what they were doing, how much the parking costs, whether you need to pay for Wi-Fi, or if there was a funny smell in the rooms. Good reviews can’t be trusted because half the time they are written by hotel staff or someone hired to write fake reviews that has never even been there. Along with very positive reviews you also can’t trust very high overall ratings since those might just be representative of a larger and more fake review program.

Read the Bad Reviews to gauge overall quality

Bad reviews are excellent for several reasons. Most importantly they can tell you what the hotel is like at its very worst. People who have a positive experience usually won’t bother to write a review at all, whereas someone who had a horrible time will get online to warn others away. Read lowest ratings and see what peoples’ worst experiences were like. If someone writes about their room being burgled while they were in it, bed bugs crawling around, or a generally dirty room you know that there is something very wrong with the hotel in general. On the other hand if the worst thing you see is someone complaining about standoffish staff, a too-cold pool, or expensive parking you know that even if it’s not a 5 star experience it probably meets normal sanitary hotel standards.

Find Reviews that rate Highly but don’t Gush

When the time comes to figure out which hotel is actually better than merely sanitary and downright hospitable you can start looking at the better reviews. Ignore any reviews that don’t have anything bad to say because they’re more likely to be fake. Reviews that tell stories and give specific descriptive information are the ones that you’ll want to pay attention to. Avoid reviews with vague statements about general atmosphere or reviews that sound suspiciously like a brochure.

Guy Pierson is a writer and globetrotter, currently working as a content creator for the EHIC travel support team at Guy’s hobbies include learning new languages, eating bizarre food, and glider flying.


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The UK is a wonderful place to enjoy the Christmas season. It is a time to spend with family members and close friends while enjoying special food, music, and gifts. It is truly a magical time of year.

Parties and Special Events

Christmas is a time to spend in the company of loved ones. Beginning with Advent in the first day of December, families will usually have Advent calendars for children, where each day leading up to the holiday there is a little treat, usually enjoyed in the morning. Some families also use an Advent candle, with 25 marks on it and is burned a little bit each day to mark the anticipation of the coming holiday. These activities are usually meant to instill excitement in children and bring families together as they await the special day.

In the ensuing days, most families get a Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments of red, green, gold and silver. They may also place gifts under the tree’s boughs, to be opened on December 25.

Throughout the month of December, there are usually Christmas parties celebrated between friends and peers, but December 24 is usually the time when most people gather for a special dinner. Sometimes they may have Christmas “crackers,” which two people pull on to reveal funny joke gifts and candies. Afterward, everyone goes to bed and wakes up the next morning to receive their gifts.

Holiday Treats

Christmas is also a time to enjoy special, delicious food. Christmas dinners usually involve a roast, either a goose or a turkey. It is usually served with potatoes and vegetable dishes, like roasted parsnips or Brussels sprouts. There is also usually plenty of gravy and bread sauce. For dessert, you can sample a rich Christmas pudding, made of spices, plums and brandy. In some cases, the cook will bake a coin in the pudding and whoever finds it gets to make a wish, which is said to come true in the coming year.

Join the Fun

Christmas in Britain is a beautiful experience, but everyone knows the UK has a reputation for being a bit pricey, particularly in terms of transport and accommodation. But you shouldn’t let cost keep you from joining the fun. You can fundraise by keeping a budget in the weeks preceding your trip, by switching to generic brands for household items, or by selling your old stuff you don’t use anymore online. The last tip is a particularly good way to raise money quickly. For example, if I wanted to sell my xbox 360, I would just look for a site online that buys second hand electronics. You can do this with any item you want to get rid of, but good bets include electronics, antiques, clothing and footwear, and home goods.

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Deciding where to spend Christmas can sometimes be difficult. Should you spend Christmas at home with your whole family or should you jet away to sunnier climes?

Getting a suntan and lazing your festive days away by the pool can seem tempting. But spending Christmas in another country will mean you’ll have to sacrifice your traditional Christmas meal, your sparkling Christmas tree, the mistletoe and the ever-lingering possibility of snow. Going abroad also means you may have to disrupt your family routine, and you run the risk of feeling as if you’ve missed out on seeing precious family members you don’t normally see during the year.

However, if you’re yearning to get away from the chores associated with Christmas – all that washing up and mess – you could always go away to somewhere remote and festive in Britain. There are lots of family-orientated hotels in Britain with Christmas packages that offer the sumptuously indulgent combination of heated swimming pools, carolling and a Christmas dinner all cooked from you by an experienced chef.

If you have children – young or old – Christmas time is especially important. The festive holiday is centred on family tradition. It’s also a great time to bond over the short break. You may feel that Christmas wouldn’t be the same unless it’s in familiar surroundings, which is why a Christmas getaway in Great Britain could give you the best of both worlds. A three night getaway would mean you can indulge the kids with magical walks through woodlands and visits to see Father Christmas, and you’ll be back in time to spend some precious time at Nan and Granddad’s before the children go back to school.

Going on a British holiday rather than a trip abroad has the added benefit of being more affordable, which will leave you more money to spend on your loved ones. Matt Barlow, CAP’s chief executive, explained to The Telegraph: “You may never have planned ahead before but it really takes the pressure off, leaving you relaxed to really enjoy what matters.”

Many family packages include saunas, gyms and beauty parlours. Families can get pampered before indulging in a series of buffet meals. Older relatives will enjoy sipping on mulled wine in fine surroundings while listening to the Queen’s speech. Meanwhile, the little ones can splash about together in the heated pools and pull countless crackers.

Christmas is undeniably the perfect time for being with those who you love. Perhaps you’d prefer to stay at home. But if you want to get away from the stresses of organising your Christmas day but don’t want to stray too far away, a festive British getaway may be for you. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tacky woolly jumper, numerous cups of hot chocolate, a roaring fire and all your family surrounding you. Wherever you lay your head at night.

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The P&O Arcadia is without a doubt one of the most stylish and sophisticated cruise ships on the waves right now. It is described by P&O as being a mid-sized ship but it is plenty big enough to offer thousands of excellent cruise holiday possibilities each and every season. She sails to some of the most exotic, fantastic and down right thrilling places in the world on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. You’ll want to choose your specific package carefully but in general terms you’ll have every reason to be extremely excited if you manage to book a stay on board the adults-only Arcadia.

Among the more interesting features of the Arcadia are its 30-seat Screening Room cinema, the Oasis Spa and The Globe, where acts include live musicians and comedy performers. Elsewhere on-board there are a very healthy helping of restaurants options for guests to choose from and they include the Marco Pierre White inspired Ocean Grill, as well as the Orchid where the theme is Asian fusion. There is also an Italian style café where you might like to take lunch and generally soak in the atmosphere, and there is always the Crow’s Nest lounge bar where the idea is really just that guests take in the views and let their hair down a little.

All in all there is plenty to recommend the Arcadia, particularly if you prefer your holidays to be undisturbed by spirited youngsters, but there are of course a good number of rival tour providers and equally amazing ships offering seriously enticing cruise deals of their own. The key for consumers as ever is to do a reasonable amount of homework but also to be ready to take the plunge when the right offer presents itself.

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Some say that packing for a holiday is one of the most stressful things that anyone can do. Rooting around for your passport, swimming trunks or plane tickets can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve left the packing till the last minute. If you have a holiday coming up and you wonder what you may or may not need to take, here is a list of what to take and do before you board your flight:

  • Plenty of clothes. You should take into account where you’re going and what you plan to do, plus it doesn’t hurt to take spare clothes for emergencies.
  • Medication. Travel sickness tablets, suntan lotion and, flight restrictions pending, painkillers are all useful. Meanwhile, if you have a long-standing health condition such as diabetes or asthma, bring your medication with you.
  • Your passport/passports. Without them, you won’t be able to board your flight, catch your train or even take the ferry if you’re going abroad.
  • Your tickets. As with your passports, they’re essential.
  • Some form of cover like travel insurance from Travel insurance can help you if you’re worried about being injured, becoming ill, forced to move to alternative accommodation or fly home early due to emergency situations or even if you suffer theft or criminal damage.
  • Money. Before you go on holiday, you should get some money and convert it to the local currency. It might also be worth bringing a little extra in case you may need it.
  • A camera. To capture all the finest moments of your trip, having one is ideal.

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Nearly everyone sees some type of nip or tuck that could be done to improve their body – a tummy tuck to reduce belly fat, liposuction to remove cellulite, a face lift to minimize wrinkles or a breast augmentation.

Some choose to live with their imperfections or improve their physical appearance through exercise and healthy living, and others opt for the more conventional, yet extreme costly and dangerous option which is plastic surgery.

There are several top doctors in the United Kingdom who can perform these and other procedures, but, because they are held to such high standards and have exceptional services, the cost is often too much for some people. So, those who want immediate results without the hefty price tag, take their qualms abroad. However, many foreign medical clinics and practitioners are often guilty of medical negligence.

Nowadays, it seems like more and more UK residents are getting their cosmetic surgery fixes in other Western and Eastern European countries. And, while some provide modern, state-of-the-art facilities and top doctors that are up to UK standards, many others do not. The clinics that tend to offer the alluring holiday packages and cheap prices are a scam and pose the greatest health risks.

Oftentimes, the smaller, less costly clinics abroad are not regulated. This means that practitioners can get away with subpar service. This can be apparent in the use outdated or inadequate facilities, inept practitioners who do not have a medical license or any experience at all, and the lack of aftercare. These deplorable circumstances, and so many more, can leave patients susceptible to Infections, intense pain, life-threatening complications, permanent disfigurement and emotional scarring.

As a result of botched surgeries, premature discharges and other health complications many patients end up needing additional procedures and medical care when they return to the UK.

So, while cosmetic surgery tourism may be the new trend, or the cheap services offered at lesser-known clinics may seem appealing, they can end up causing patients more harm and financial costs than going to a doctor at home.

All medical procedures carry some sort of danger, but In the UK, doctors are required to adhere to certain standards and practices. For example, they must operate in clean facilities, provide aftercare to ensure patients’ healthy and efficient recovery, and follow-up treatment if complications do arise.

Whether a patient decides to have surgery in the UK or abroad, it’s important to thoroughly research the clinic, doctor and procedure and receive seek several opinions from board certified surgeons.

If you do go under the knife abroad, and end up displeased with the results or develop health complications, you should seek immediate medical care. It may also be necessary to contact medical solicitors so that you can rectify the malpractice and receive compensation.

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Europe is full of beautiful places, busy cities and luxurious seaside resorts. Here is a list of top ten destinations in Europe any tourist should visit.

1. London, UK
The city of London is the best destination for a city break. There is so much to see and so much to do in this world famous tourist spot. Nowhere else you can see so much history, traditions and entertainment in one place. Why not try your luck gambling with Ladbrokes Bingo? And we can’t forget about shopping either.

2. Barcelona, Spain
Another great European city is Barcelona. Here amazing historical architecture is combined with modern buildings. The most beautiful beaches are only a few minutes away from city center. Bustling port area is full of restaurants serving delicious Catalonian cuisine and street artists from all over Spain have gathered here to show off their talents.

3. Ibiza, Spain
If partying is the purpose for your holiday, there is no better place than Ibiza island in Spanish waters. Some of the biggest and entirely modern night clubs are situated here. You can party till dawn and spend your days lying on the beach gathering your strength for the next night out.

4. Algarve, Portugal
For the best beach vacation in Europe, book your holiday in Algarve. Hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful parks, zoos, water sport opportunities and so much more will make your holiday a perfect one. You can also expect to see some of the cheapest accommodation prices of all the European resorts here in Algarve.

5. Varna, Bulgaria
Visit Varna for a taste of Eastern-European culture and atmosphere. The Golden Sands resort area is loved by many holiday makers on a budget. Like the name says, the sand here is golden, the sea is warm and people are friendly.

6. Venice, Italy
Venice is the perfect city for spending a vacation with your loved one. A gondola ride on the canals of the city is considered to be one of the most romantic moments in the lives of many young lovers. Numerous bridges, narrow streets and amazing architecture are just a few of the other attractions in Venice.

7. Crete, Greece
Clear blue waters on the beaches of Crete are perfect for diving and snorkeling. Taking a rental car for a drive around the island allows you to see the amazing mountains and gorges, high cliffs and fisherman villages. You will meet friendly locals who are more than happy to show you around and tell you about their life on the island.

8. Rome, Italy
Those who love history and want to see the main historical sights in Europe can’t get around Rome. Vatican City, Colosseum and ancient architecture attract millions of tourists every year. But Rome is not all about history. Shopping for high end fashion, luxury items and expensive art is another way to spend time in Rome.

9. Canary Islands
When looking for some sun in the winter, flying to Canary Islands is the nearest and warmest option. High mountains, sandy beaches, lively night life, amazing landscapes – all that awaits you all year round.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is one of the most popular city break destinations. This city is so different from any other European city. People here live on boats, there are big, wide canals everywhere in the city. Tourists come here to see the Red Light District, which is something you can’t every day, nor can you smoke pot or buy mushroom brownies in cafe shops anywhere else.

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Away from the beaches, yet not so far away that you cannot hear the call of the sea, lie the mountains. Very few tourists who flock here and stay in one of the hotels in or rent villas in Mallorca year after year think of the magic that lurks beyond the wind-ruffled waves and the white sand beaches of this Mediterranean island.

Cooler than the coasts, greener than the shoreline which mesmerizes the tourists but equally inviting are the mountains.  Sprawling forests and flora and fauna of different varieties grace the slopes of this ancient landscape. Tucked away amidst the varying shades of green is the mountain village of Valldemossa.

This village houses the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa . Built at the beginning of the 14th century this magnificent edifice witnessed the era of Ramon Llull, the mystic and philosopher of Mallorca. This town also houses the Monastery which the musician Chopin stayed in to recover from his illness. His stay here during the winters of 1838 and 1839 saw him create music which moved the world to tears.

Just before Chopin turned to the tiny village of Valldemossa, the Spanish Government seized the monastery and sold it to private owners. Ever since the transfer of ownership, the hushed town of Valldemossa has played host to quite a few celebrities like George Sand.

On a breezy night, if you have decided to stay over in Mallorca, the locals will tell you the tale of the Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario.  He was the guest of the Suerda and Montaner families, the then owners of Chartreuse estate. Ruben was possessed by his nightmares. They would haunt him day in and day out. He ran to the comfort of Mallorca to escape from them. When the warm sandy beaches and the lazy hours by the sea could not drive the nightmares away, he turned to the Monastery situated in Valldemossa. He lived a very basic life. He spent his days wandering through the forests and slept on monk habits at night. The one thing he could not seem to let go off was his drinking habit. It was this drinking which eventually caused a  rift between his hosts and him and they were compelled to ban him from the Monastery and the village.

For further information about villas and home rentals in Majorca visit

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Are you looking for an alternative destination for 2013 family holidays in the sun? With an excellent summer climate, fabulous facilities, and a captivatingly cultural ambience, a Tunisia holiday could be the ideal sojourn for your brood.

The first of the tourist areas in Tunisia, Hammamet has been attracting UK tourists for a number of years. The popularity of the resort is largely due to its striking shorelines.

Powdery white sands and turquoise waters are ideal for families who love building sandcastles and kicking back in the sun. Away from the beach, small attractions – including fairgrounds and wildlife parks – make Hammamet an excellent choice for families.

It goes without saying that thanks to the superb shorelines in Tunisia, days can most definitely be spent relaxing on Hammamet’s breathtaking beaches.

When you do want to venture out from your resort, Friguia Park is a wonderful family friendly wildlife park. With ‘ 412 animals and over 61 species’, this fun yet educational day out lets youngsters get up close to tigers, baboons, wallabies and more.

Friguia Park also provides the opportunity for individuals to swim with dolphins at various times during your visit. Make a day of it and, after your animal encounters, stay into the evening for some authentic African folk entertainment.

Carthage Land is another attraction to add to your family holiday itinerary. Three parks in one, Catharge Land is an action packed day out complete with fairground rides, a waterpark and an indoor play park.

Those travelling with teenagers will be pleased to hear there are a number of suitable attractions for older children. Paintballing in Hammamet is always a popular option with thrill-seeking adolescents while watersports and buggy tours are also a hit.

The best deals on 2013 holidays in the sun are now online. Book in advance and take your pick from the widest range of Tunisia holiday packages. Start your holiday adventure today.

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Suffering from an illness or painful injury as the result of an accident can be a terrible enough experience.

Should it happen whilst you are on holiday in an unfamiliar country it can be even worse.

Trying to communicate with doctors who don’t speak your language, not being sure where to go or what to expect and worrying about whether or not your insurance will cover costs all adds stress onto an already unpleasant time.

No win no fee claim from first4lawyers lets you rest easy when it comes to the financial aspect of things.

Even if your insurance doesn’t cover you or you quite simply forgot to take out insurance for your trip, you could make a post-holiday claim and it won’t cost you a penny.

The no win no fee premise means that if you don’t receive any compensation for your illness or injury abroad you will never have to pay out any extra.

If you do win, you will often not only be able to recover your medical expenses but also receive money to cover time off work or simply for emotional stress. This could be used to put towards your next trip abroad, where you will definitely remember the insurance!

All the solicitors are experienced and trained in this particular area of expertise. Your claim will be matched to the solicitor who is best suited to deal with it, and all it takes is one quick phone call once you return from your trip.

This guest post comes from John Michaels from