I am sure you will agree with me on this one that there is nothing better than the thought of leaving behind the daily grind of your normal life and heading to an exotic city location. In the following post I will discuss why I feel that Madrid is the perfect destination for such a trip and how you could win a weekend break in the city.

The thing that appeals most me about Madrid is the contrasts it offers visitors. There is a mixture of old and new, culture and history, relaxation and action. Madrid really does have something for everyone and if I could, I would enter the competition to try and experience everything that makes Madrid so special and unique.


I would begin my trip with a nice breakfast watching the sun come up over the city and then would take the historic and cultured Paseo de Arte, otherwise known as the Art Walk. As a big fan of Spanish and Italian art, strolling through and browsing the many beautiful art museums and galleries and their contents would always be a top priority for me when visiting the city.


To get the full scope of the contrasts the city offers I would also be sure to visit the Malasana district to fully appreciate how the movida madrilena of the 1980’s changed the image and reputation of Madrid forever.


The Botanical Garden is another attraction in Madrid that I would have to take a trip through as I take a lot of pride in my garden and I am sure I would find inspiration there. I have also heard that as well as many millions of different flowers, plants and herbs, the history surrounding many of the entries is explained as well as the important uses they have in our everyday lives.


Having covered all of the above on my trip, there is one thing that I have always wanted to experience up close and in the flesh; something that Madrid is the not just the Spanish capital city of, but the worldwide capital of flamenco dancing.


To me the perfect end to a perfect day in a perfect city would be watching authentic Spanish dancing oozing with sensuality. If I won the Madrid competition therefore, I would head over to a Tablao and experience this dance, perhaps with some dinner, followed by rich and tasty churros and chocolate dipping sauce.


As mentioned at the outset of the post, our partners would like to offer you the chance of winning a weekend break in this culturally diverse and historically important city. Just watch the video, enter the competition and don’t forget to share it with everyone in your social circle!

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