Black cabs and London go hand in hand, and you can see them everywhere you go, which makes them an iconic feature to the city. They are not only a quick and affordable way to get about, but are also brilliant for tours. Seeing everything in London can be a challenge, which is why a guided tour is advised.

The streets of London can be fun to explore on foot, however, it is far too easy to get lost, which is why more people are choosing to book private tours. You will have the black cab and driver to yourself, ensuring that you visit exactly what you want to see. With so much on offer in the city it can be daunting.

Landmarks are everywhere in the city, and although you will know of the most popular your driver may know of others. Using his experience and knowledge he can guide you to the best places in the city. The extensive licence procedure that the black cab drivers need to drive a taxi is extreme, but ensures that they are the best.

Every black cab driver must display a current PCO licence which ensures that the cab is licensed, and driven by a qualified driver. These drivers are the best at what they do, and love their jobs, which is apparent. They will tell you stories of famous people, and the best places to visit in the city, which can be the ideal way to explore.

You may not realise that you can use the black cabs for private tours, however, this has become a more popular way to explore the city. Whether you love to shop, and want to experience Oxford Street, or want to be the ultimate tourist and see the sights, the black cabs are perfect. Alongside your own personal tour guide, you will have an amazing time.

Hailing the cabs at the side of the road can be perfect for short journeys, and if you are unsure where to go, this can be the ideal way to travel. However, if you want a guided tour, you may need to book the cab beforehand. The drivers will dedicate their time and experience to you and your tour, ensuring that you see what you want to in London.

Even if you have never thought of touring the city in this way, it can be the perfect way to see everything, especially if you are limited on time. You can decide what is essential to see, and ensure that you visit those places. You can also take guidance on what other things are good to see in the city, and make sure that your visit is enjoyable.

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