France is famous for its immense land mass because it’s third after Russia and Ukraine by area in Europe.  It also enjoys a vibrant real estate market with parts of it, such as Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat named one of the most expensive places globally, in real estate terms by a recent survey by Knight Frank in collaboration with the Citi Private Bank. With a vibrant real estate market, France attracts some of the world’s largest real estate buyers, including homebuyers. If you want to buy a luxury home in France, here are some tips for you.

Plan for the purchase

Planning should form the most important part of your job if you want to buy a luxury home in France. Unlike other purchases, when you are buying property such as a home, you need to have all the facts at your fingertips. Planning also eliminates rushing with last minute decisions on property deals. If you have to get a diary specifically dedicated to your French home search, then just do it. It will save you a lot of time and ensure you find the right property.

Recruit a good agent

There are many real estate agencies operating in France. Rather than spend all your time scouting around, scavenging for property, a good agent can help you secure a comfortable luxury property in the heart of France. There are numerous agents all over the internet. However, connecting with one who has pulled successful home settlements and transactions is a better bet. If you can find a specialist French based real estate agent with a penchant for luxury property, this can be better.

Look for deals

Even if you’re looking for a luxury home in France, getting a deal on the property is always a good thing. This is because it helps you buy a good property for less than the quoted amount. One way you can find a good deal on property is getting different quotes for different property. With this, you can compare prices for different properties before making the best option. Alternatively, you can keep your eyes on the French property market and buy when the market is depressed, as it is now, according to most real estate media reports.

Observe the legal basics

Property is a product you can buy. Different countries, France included have different property laws that apply differently. To ensure that the luxury holiday home you want to buy is clean, you need to do your research and hire a good French property attorney. This will protect you from all problems that may come up later.


Insurance for your luxury home in France is critical. It can help shield you from liabilities that may come because of having the property. Consider getting effective property insurance for your luxury home to ensure that it’s protected from accidents and other in-eventualities. You also need to make a decision as to where your insurance company should come from.

Overall, buying a luxury holiday home in France is easy if you follow the best practices during acquisition. These tips can help you cater for effective pricing, how to deal with insurance and ensure that your home is protected by French laws.


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