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Gone are the days when plastic surgery seemed to be reserved for the super-rich or celebrities only. Nowadays, plastic surgery is as mainstream as getting your hair cut and coloured. It’s still pretty expensive to get plastic surgery done in the UK however, so unsurprisingly, many people are tempted to go overseas for these procedures, as private companies may offer cheaper options. Before you decide to go overseas, it’s worth taking a minute to weigh out the pros and cons, to make sure you’re making an informed decision.

Going overseas – what are the benefits?

Brazil, India, Hungary and Singapore might sound like pretty exotic holiday destinations to visit on their own – but they now have an added attraction that’s luring hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, from all over the world. All of these are some of the world’s top spots for medical tourism, as local laws and legislation encourages a more relaxed approach to plastic surgery. Local surgeons can easily set up businesses to provide private plastic surgery treatments, as competitive prices.

As a result, you can often pick and choose the right treatment centre for you. With an international range of options available to you, you can choose to go somewhere relatively nearby, such as Hungary, or a long-haul destination like Brazil. European centres are often easily accessible and don’t require a long stay – you can have your surgery carried out and be home within a matter of days. While far-flung resorts give you the opportunity to rest and recuperate from your surgery in some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful surroundings.

Another advantage of overseas plastic surgery is that you can be assured of total discretion and privacy – no risk of bumping into nosey neighbours when you pop out to do your shopping! It’s ideal for those who prefer not to go into extensive detail about their personal lives, or if you’re planning to show off your new look as a surprise to loved ones.

What are the risks?

Like any other kind of surgery, plastic surgery comes with health risks, and it’s important to consider these before you go ahead. When you’re going overseas however, there’s an extra level of complication – many overseas centres may have linguistic limitations, making it harder to find out accurate information about your planned surgery, or the potential hazards. To avoid issues arising later on, it’s important to do your research locally beforehand, and learn as much as possible about what to expect and look out for.

Overseas surgery centres vary in quality significantly, and the rate of medical negligence can be quite high, especially among ‘budget’ options, which compromise patient safety over cost-cutting measures. Do your research before choosing a centre, and try and talk to past patients, to get first hand insight into their experience.

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Nearly everyone sees some type of nip or tuck that could be done to improve their body – a tummy tuck to reduce belly fat, liposuction to remove cellulite, a face lift to minimize wrinkles or a breast augmentation.

Some choose to live with their imperfections or improve their physical appearance through exercise and healthy living, and others opt for the more conventional, yet extreme costly and dangerous option which is plastic surgery.

There are several top doctors in the United Kingdom who can perform these and other procedures, but, because they are held to such high standards and have exceptional services, the cost is often too much for some people. So, those who want immediate results without the hefty price tag, take their qualms abroad. However, many foreign medical clinics and practitioners are often guilty of medical negligence.

Nowadays, it seems like more and more UK residents are getting their cosmetic surgery fixes in other Western and Eastern European countries. And, while some provide modern, state-of-the-art facilities and top doctors that are up to UK standards, many others do not. The clinics that tend to offer the alluring holiday packages and cheap prices are a scam and pose the greatest health risks.

Oftentimes, the smaller, less costly clinics abroad are not regulated. This means that practitioners can get away with subpar service. This can be apparent in the use outdated or inadequate facilities, inept practitioners who do not have a medical license or any experience at all, and the lack of aftercare. These deplorable circumstances, and so many more, can leave patients susceptible to Infections, intense pain, life-threatening complications, permanent disfigurement and emotional scarring.

As a result of botched surgeries, premature discharges and other health complications many patients end up needing additional procedures and medical care when they return to the UK.

So, while cosmetic surgery tourism may be the new trend, or the cheap services offered at lesser-known clinics may seem appealing, they can end up causing patients more harm and financial costs than going to a doctor at home.

All medical procedures carry some sort of danger, but In the UK, doctors are required to adhere to certain standards and practices. For example, they must operate in clean facilities, provide aftercare to ensure patients’ healthy and efficient recovery, and follow-up treatment if complications do arise.

Whether a patient decides to have surgery in the UK or abroad, it’s important to thoroughly research the clinic, doctor and procedure and receive seek several opinions from board certified surgeons.

If you do go under the knife abroad, and end up displeased with the results or develop health complications, you should seek immediate medical care. It may also be necessary to contact medical solicitors so that you can rectify the malpractice and receive compensation.

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Europe is full of beautiful places, busy cities and luxurious seaside resorts. Here is a list of top ten destinations in Europe any tourist should visit.

1. London, UK
The city of London is the best destination for a city break. There is so much to see and so much to do in this world famous tourist spot. Nowhere else you can see so much history, traditions and entertainment in one place. Why not try your luck gambling with Ladbrokes Bingo? And we can’t forget about shopping either.

2. Barcelona, Spain
Another great European city is Barcelona. Here amazing historical architecture is combined with modern buildings. The most beautiful beaches are only a few minutes away from city center. Bustling port area is full of restaurants serving delicious Catalonian cuisine and street artists from all over Spain have gathered here to show off their talents.

3. Ibiza, Spain
If partying is the purpose for your holiday, there is no better place than Ibiza island in Spanish waters. Some of the biggest and entirely modern night clubs are situated here. You can party till dawn and spend your days lying on the beach gathering your strength for the next night out.

4. Algarve, Portugal
For the best beach vacation in Europe, book your holiday in Algarve. Hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful parks, zoos, water sport opportunities and so much more will make your holiday a perfect one. You can also expect to see some of the cheapest accommodation prices of all the European resorts here in Algarve.

5. Varna, Bulgaria
Visit Varna for a taste of Eastern-European culture and atmosphere. The Golden Sands resort area is loved by many holiday makers on a budget. Like the name says, the sand here is golden, the sea is warm and people are friendly.

6. Venice, Italy
Venice is the perfect city for spending a vacation with your loved one. A gondola ride on the canals of the city is considered to be one of the most romantic moments in the lives of many young lovers. Numerous bridges, narrow streets and amazing architecture are just a few of the other attractions in Venice.

7. Crete, Greece
Clear blue waters on the beaches of Crete are perfect for diving and snorkeling. Taking a rental car for a drive around the island allows you to see the amazing mountains and gorges, high cliffs and fisherman villages. You will meet friendly locals who are more than happy to show you around and tell you about their life on the island.

8. Rome, Italy
Those who love history and want to see the main historical sights in Europe can’t get around Rome. Vatican City, Colosseum and ancient architecture attract millions of tourists every year. But Rome is not all about history. Shopping for high end fashion, luxury items and expensive art is another way to spend time in Rome.

9. Canary Islands
When looking for some sun in the winter, flying to Canary Islands is the nearest and warmest option. High mountains, sandy beaches, lively night life, amazing landscapes – all that awaits you all year round.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is one of the most popular city break destinations. This city is so different from any other European city. People here live on boats, there are big, wide canals everywhere in the city. Tourists come here to see the Red Light District, which is something you can’t every day, nor can you smoke pot or buy mushroom brownies in cafe shops anywhere else.

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Are you looking for an alternative destination for 2013 family holidays in the sun? With an excellent summer climate, fabulous facilities, and a captivatingly cultural ambience, a Tunisia holiday could be the ideal sojourn for your brood.

The first of the tourist areas in Tunisia, Hammamet has been attracting UK tourists for a number of years. The popularity of the resort is largely due to its striking shorelines.

Powdery white sands and turquoise waters are ideal for families who love building sandcastles and kicking back in the sun. Away from the beach, small attractions – including fairgrounds and wildlife parks – make Hammamet an excellent choice for families.

It goes without saying that thanks to the superb shorelines in Tunisia, days can most definitely be spent relaxing on Hammamet’s breathtaking beaches.

When you do want to venture out from your resort, Friguia Park is a wonderful family friendly wildlife park. With ‘ 412 animals and over 61 species’, this fun yet educational day out lets youngsters get up close to tigers, baboons, wallabies and more.

Friguia Park also provides the opportunity for individuals to swim with dolphins at various times during your visit. Make a day of it and, after your animal encounters, stay into the evening for some authentic African folk entertainment.

Carthage Land is another attraction to add to your family holiday itinerary. Three parks in one, Catharge Land is an action packed day out complete with fairground rides, a waterpark and an indoor play park.

Those travelling with teenagers will be pleased to hear there are a number of suitable attractions for older children. Paintballing in Hammamet is always a popular option with thrill-seeking adolescents while watersports and buggy tours are also a hit.

The best deals on 2013 holidays in the sun are now online. Book in advance and take your pick from the widest range of Tunisia holiday packages. Start your holiday adventure today.

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Every surfer has a driving desire to travel. Exploring new surf destinations and scoring amazing waves in foreign locations can change your life. The majority of people associate surfing with the tropical waters of Australia, South Africa, Indonesia and Hawaii, therefore they believe these are the places to travel too.

As a student UK surfer, I could never afford to jet-set off to these far-afield destinations. What I have discovered, is that continental Europe offers some world class waves that are easily accessible and affordable. The water is warmer, the food is better, the culture is eye-opening and the waves generally pump! I’ve explored the content for many years, so I’m going to share with you some of my favourite places to surf and hang-out. Enjoy!

Hossegor (Landes)
Hossegor is one of the most renowned surfing breaks in Europe. Therefore, it is generally packed out with travelling surfers; chilling, partying and packing out the line-ups. There are many world-class beach breaks here that are more suited to the intermediate-advanced surfer.

La Graviere is the most famed French break. Although a beach break, it offers up many dredging rights that will give you lots of tube-time in the right conditions. Timed wrong, and you will get a heavy close-out on your head and stumble up the beach with a broken ego, so be careful!

Santa Cruz (Portugal)
Santa Cruz seems to be a favoured name for classic surf destinations and the one in Portugal is no different. Located to the south of Supertubos, this is a wave more suited to beginners.

Breaking over sand, with the odd rock to watch out for, this break is excellent for intermediates looking to hone in the board riding skills.  It picks up most west and north west swells and is excellent in little to no wind.

Insider Tips
The area is popular with vacationing Portuguese so it can get busy, but there are plenty of places to surf in the area.  This is an area of natural beauty, the cliffs and the entire costal region are simply stunning and the weather in the summer is just perfect — although the surf can be a little hit or miss at this time. Rent a car and explore the area for more great surf beaches.

 San Sebastian- (Zurriola)
When you’re not getting wet, the city of San Sebastian will take your breath away. This is a truly unique city with a rich Basque culture, marvellous architecture, entertaining locals and a thriving surf scene. To travel to San Sebastian you have two options, Biarritz (just over the border in France) or Bilbao. Both are highly accessible and, at the right time of the year (especially in the surf season), you can bag yourself a cheap return flight from the UK.

Zurriola is the main surfing beach in San Sebastian. This quality beach-break works best in small-medium sized north west swells which travel down the Atlantic and focus their energy into this corner of the world. It’s a very accessible beach for all levels, although, at size it should be avoided by beginners. At low tide in medium sized conditions, a fun little left hander can wedge off the harbour wall.

Insider Tips
For cheap accommodation stay at Olga’s Place. A dorm style hostel full of travelling surfers and young backpackers. Located just a hop, skip and jump from this brilliant surf break, you can get in before the crowds begin to congregate. Olga and her husband are wonderful hosts, and will take you out for ‘Spain’s best Paella’ with free Sangria!

Zurriola is located in the heart of San Sebastian. Being a large cosmopolitan city, you can only begin to imagine the extent of the local’s competitiveness. But however competitive, they are extremely friendly and the usage of some general surf etiquette will see you being called into waves by the excited local lads.

Insider Tips
Europeans are generally welcoming to travelling surfers, but show respect and you will be respected. Although English is widely spoken, a phrase-book for each country will put food in your belly and save you from a sticky situation. Most of the waves are more powerful than those at home so be careful and watch for rip currents. Camping throughout Europe is an excellent, budget means of travelling. Sample the local delights and nightlife.

Author Bio

When Ben isn’t travelling or surfing Europe you’ll find him lacing up the latest and greatest skate shoes at Nucleus surf shop, who are also leading providers of Skullcandy headphones and Nike snowboard boots.