The UK is a wonderful place to enjoy the Christmas season. It is a time to spend with family members and close friends while enjoying special food, music, and gifts. It is truly a magical time of year.

Parties and Special Events

Christmas is a time to spend in the company of loved ones. Beginning with Advent in the first day of December, families will usually have Advent calendars for children, where each day leading up to the holiday there is a little treat, usually enjoyed in the morning. Some families also use an Advent candle, with 25 marks on it and is burned a little bit each day to mark the anticipation of the coming holiday. These activities are usually meant to instill excitement in children and bring families together as they await the special day.

In the ensuing days, most families get a Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments of red, green, gold and silver. They may also place gifts under the tree’s boughs, to be opened on December 25.

Throughout the month of December, there are usually Christmas parties celebrated between friends and peers, but December 24 is usually the time when most people gather for a special dinner. Sometimes they may have Christmas “crackers,” which two people pull on to reveal funny joke gifts and candies. Afterward, everyone goes to bed and wakes up the next morning to receive their gifts.

Holiday Treats

Christmas is also a time to enjoy special, delicious food. Christmas dinners usually involve a roast, either a goose or a turkey. It is usually served with potatoes and vegetable dishes, like roasted parsnips or Brussels sprouts. There is also usually plenty of gravy and bread sauce. For dessert, you can sample a rich Christmas pudding, made of spices, plums and brandy. In some cases, the cook will bake a coin in the pudding and whoever finds it gets to make a wish, which is said to come true in the coming year.

Join the Fun

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