Nearly everyone sees some type of nip or tuck that could be done to improve their body – a tummy tuck to reduce belly fat, liposuction to remove cellulite, a face lift to minimize wrinkles or a breast augmentation.

Some choose to live with their imperfections or improve their physical appearance through exercise and healthy living, and others opt for the more conventional, yet extreme costly and dangerous option which is plastic surgery.

There are several top doctors in the United Kingdom who can perform these and other procedures, but, because they are held to such high standards and have exceptional services, the cost is often too much for some people. So, those who want immediate results without the hefty price tag, take their qualms abroad. However, many foreign medical clinics and practitioners are often guilty of medical negligence.

Nowadays, it seems like more and more UK residents are getting their cosmetic surgery fixes in other Western and Eastern European countries. And, while some provide modern, state-of-the-art facilities and top doctors that are up to UK standards, many others do not. The clinics that tend to offer the alluring holiday packages and cheap prices are a scam and pose the greatest health risks.

Oftentimes, the smaller, less costly clinics abroad are not regulated. This means that practitioners can get away with subpar service. This can be apparent in the use outdated or inadequate facilities, inept practitioners who do not have a medical license or any experience at all, and the lack of aftercare. These deplorable circumstances, and so many more, can leave patients susceptible to Infections, intense pain, life-threatening complications, permanent disfigurement and emotional scarring.

As a result of botched surgeries, premature discharges and other health complications many patients end up needing additional procedures and medical care when they return to the UK.

So, while cosmetic surgery tourism may be the new trend, or the cheap services offered at lesser-known clinics may seem appealing, they can end up causing patients more harm and financial costs than going to a doctor at home.

All medical procedures carry some sort of danger, but In the UK, doctors are required to adhere to certain standards and practices. For example, they must operate in clean facilities, provide aftercare to ensure patients’ healthy and efficient recovery, and follow-up treatment if complications do arise.

Whether a patient decides to have surgery in the UK or abroad, it’s important to thoroughly research the clinic, doctor and procedure and receive seek several opinions from board certified surgeons.

If you do go under the knife abroad, and end up displeased with the results or develop health complications, you should seek immediate medical care. It may also be necessary to contact medical solicitors so that you can rectify the malpractice and receive compensation.

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