Away from the beaches, yet not so far away that you cannot hear the call of the sea, lie the mountains. Very few tourists who flock here and stay in one of the hotels in or rent villas in Mallorca year after year think of the magic that lurks beyond the wind-ruffled waves and the white sand beaches of this Mediterranean island.

Cooler than the coasts, greener than the shoreline which mesmerizes the tourists but equally inviting are the mountains.  Sprawling forests and flora and fauna of different varieties grace the slopes of this ancient landscape. Tucked away amidst the varying shades of green is the mountain village of Valldemossa.

This village houses the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa . Built at the beginning of the 14th century this magnificent edifice witnessed the era of Ramon Llull, the mystic and philosopher of Mallorca. This town also houses the Monastery which the musician Chopin stayed in to recover from his illness. His stay here during the winters of 1838 and 1839 saw him create music which moved the world to tears.

Just before Chopin turned to the tiny village of Valldemossa, the Spanish Government seized the monastery and sold it to private owners. Ever since the transfer of ownership, the hushed town of Valldemossa has played host to quite a few celebrities like George Sand.

On a breezy night, if you have decided to stay over in Mallorca, the locals will tell you the tale of the Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario.  He was the guest of the Suerda and Montaner families, the then owners of Chartreuse estate. Ruben was possessed by his nightmares. They would haunt him day in and day out. He ran to the comfort of Mallorca to escape from them. When the warm sandy beaches and the lazy hours by the sea could not drive the nightmares away, he turned to the Monastery situated in Valldemossa. He lived a very basic life. He spent his days wandering through the forests and slept on monk habits at night. The one thing he could not seem to let go off was his drinking habit. It was this drinking which eventually caused a  rift between his hosts and him and they were compelled to ban him from the Monastery and the village.

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