Deciding where to spend Christmas can sometimes be difficult. Should you spend Christmas at home with your whole family or should you jet away to sunnier climes?

Getting a suntan and lazing your festive days away by the pool can seem tempting. But spending Christmas in another country will mean you’ll have to sacrifice your traditional Christmas meal, your sparkling Christmas tree, the mistletoe and the ever-lingering possibility of snow. Going abroad also means you may have to disrupt your family routine, and you run the risk of feeling as if you’ve missed out on seeing precious family members you don’t normally see during the year.

However, if you’re yearning to get away from the chores associated with Christmas – all that washing up and mess – you could always go away to somewhere remote and festive in Britain. There are lots of family-orientated hotels in Britain with Christmas packages that offer the sumptuously indulgent combination of heated swimming pools, carolling and a Christmas dinner all cooked from you by an experienced chef.

If you have children – young or old – Christmas time is especially important. The festive holiday is centred on family tradition. It’s also a great time to bond over the short break. You may feel that Christmas wouldn’t be the same unless it’s in familiar surroundings, which is why a Christmas getaway in Great Britain could give you the best of both worlds. A three night getaway would mean you can indulge the kids with magical walks through woodlands and visits to see Father Christmas, and you’ll be back in time to spend some precious time at Nan and Granddad’s before the children go back to school.

Going on a British holiday rather than a trip abroad has the added benefit of being more affordable, which will leave you more money to spend on your loved ones. Matt Barlow, CAP’s chief executive, explained to The Telegraph: “You may never have planned ahead before but it really takes the pressure off, leaving you relaxed to really enjoy what matters.”

Many family packages include saunas, gyms and beauty parlours. Families can get pampered before indulging in a series of buffet meals. Older relatives will enjoy sipping on mulled wine in fine surroundings while listening to the Queen’s speech. Meanwhile, the little ones can splash about together in the heated pools and pull countless crackers.

Christmas is undeniably the perfect time for being with those who you love. Perhaps you’d prefer to stay at home. But if you want to get away from the stresses of organising your Christmas day but don’t want to stray too far away, a festive British getaway may be for you. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tacky woolly jumper, numerous cups of hot chocolate, a roaring fire and all your family surrounding you. Wherever you lay your head at night.

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