In the early days of the modern caravan, the post war period when these portable holiday homes first became affordable and therefore popular, the level of comfort provided was in keeping with the times.  No nonsense functionality – and lashings of formica – were the order of the day, as was taking the family summer holiday in Blighty.  The same movement that heralded the decline of the Butlins-style holiday camp also hit the popularity of the towed caravan, and that was of course the cheap package holiday which began to gain popularity in the 1970’s.

The thirty years that followed may come to be seen as the golden age of the package holiday, for over the last decade or so the increasing trade in cheap caravans for sale in the UK reported by major player in the market has told a different story.

It has already been pointed out by at least one travel writer that whatever the military finally achieve, at least one aspect of the war on terror was lost years ago.  The modern airport experience is where the bag guys won.  Super tight security measures continue to produce major delays and a thoroughly unpleasant time all around, for both those travelling from and working at airports, with any residual glamour associated with flying now as distant a memory as real duty free shopping.

The hitherto moribund holiday park, on the other hand, has enjoyed a robust return to health.  Along with the modernisation of the British holiday park, which has seen the provision of proper leisure facilities attract greater numbers of guests year on year, an upturn in the new caravan market has had a welcome knock on effect for those looking for cheap caravans for sale.

Just as it is now difficult to buy a poorly made car if you opt for anything made in the last ten years or so, advances in modern production methods over the same period – for both static and towed caravans – have resulted in an increase in the average quality of the stock of second hand caravans in the UK.

Soundly constructed and watertight cabins are routinely fitted out with all the mod cons you would expect of a standard holiday apartment, particularly when you look at static caravans.  However, the original incarnation, the towed caravan, has also enjoyed something of a boost in cultural kudos that is about more than good value for money.

Several celebrities such as Kate Moss and Jamie Oliver have gone on record in praise of the caravan holiday in recent years, although you could argue that these famous faces merely reflect a growing movement towards a more self sufficient kind of living (and holidaying).

The caravan has become increasingly popular with the seasoned Festival goer, who is realistic about the chances of good weather during the British summer.  In these straightened times, avoiding the increasing cost of road tax that hits those running a mobile home or campervan may also be a significant factor in the growing number of people looking for cheap caravans for sale.  For some up to date statistics about the caravan industry in the UK, try the National Caravan website.