Europe is full of beautiful places, busy cities and luxurious seaside resorts. Here is a list of top ten destinations in Europe any tourist should visit.

1. London, UK
The city of London is the best destination for a city break. There is so much to see and so much to do in this world famous tourist spot. Nowhere else you can see so much history, traditions and entertainment in one place. Why not try your luck gambling with Ladbrokes Bingo? And we can’t forget about shopping either.

2. Barcelona, Spain
Another great European city is Barcelona. Here amazing historical architecture is combined with modern buildings. The most beautiful beaches are only a few minutes away from city center. Bustling port area is full of restaurants serving delicious Catalonian cuisine and street artists from all over Spain have gathered here to show off their talents.

3. Ibiza, Spain
If partying is the purpose for your holiday, there is no better place than Ibiza island in Spanish waters. Some of the biggest and entirely modern night clubs are situated here. You can party till dawn and spend your days lying on the beach gathering your strength for the next night out.

4. Algarve, Portugal
For the best beach vacation in Europe, book your holiday in Algarve. Hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful parks, zoos, water sport opportunities and so much more will make your holiday a perfect one. You can also expect to see some of the cheapest accommodation prices of all the European resorts here in Algarve.

5. Varna, Bulgaria
Visit Varna for a taste of Eastern-European culture and atmosphere. The Golden Sands resort area is loved by many holiday makers on a budget. Like the name says, the sand here is golden, the sea is warm and people are friendly.

6. Venice, Italy
Venice is the perfect city for spending a vacation with your loved one. A gondola ride on the canals of the city is considered to be one of the most romantic moments in the lives of many young lovers. Numerous bridges, narrow streets and amazing architecture are just a few of the other attractions in Venice.

7. Crete, Greece
Clear blue waters on the beaches of Crete are perfect for diving and snorkeling. Taking a rental car for a drive around the island allows you to see the amazing mountains and gorges, high cliffs and fisherman villages. You will meet friendly locals who are more than happy to show you around and tell you about their life on the island.

8. Rome, Italy
Those who love history and want to see the main historical sights in Europe can’t get around Rome. Vatican City, Colosseum and ancient architecture attract millions of tourists every year. But Rome is not all about history. Shopping for high end fashion, luxury items and expensive art is another way to spend time in Rome.

9. Canary Islands
When looking for some sun in the winter, flying to Canary Islands is the nearest and warmest option. High mountains, sandy beaches, lively night life, amazing landscapes – all that awaits you all year round.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is one of the most popular city break destinations. This city is so different from any other European city. People here live on boats, there are big, wide canals everywhere in the city. Tourists come here to see the Red Light District, which is something you can’t every day, nor can you smoke pot or buy mushroom brownies in cafe shops anywhere else.

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